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A continually updated database with a table of contents of academically relevant journals on the history of Eastern Europe, Central-Eastern Europe and Southeastern Europe (hints on usage)

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Journals are arranged, according to their contents (not place of publication!), by countries and regions, which you can click on individually, and the next step will display the list of contents of a journal, with the most recent entries at the top. For an alphabetical list of the journals involved, click on "Alle Zeitschriften (All Journals)“. For technical reasons, journals whose titles begin with diacritics are currently located at the end of the alphabet.

Research in the lists of contents:
Since the scanned lists of contents are processed with a text recognition programme, you can also search for keywords. Each search term is automatically truncated. Please do not convert umlauts ("Köln", and not "Koeln"). Use the diacritic characters of academic transliteration or the anglo-american spelling of cyrillic characters to find the lists of contents for western journals. Please use the original fonts to browse east-european journals. If your system does not have the corresponding type sets, use our "Mehrsprachige Tastatur (Multi-language keyboard)". In order for all characters to be displayed correctly, set the coding of your browser to "automatic selection".

How to reach the full-text:
Journals which have no link to the electronic full-text can be viewed in the Journal Reading Room of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library), and issues of older years can be ordered from the storeroom. Readers who urgently require copies of an essay can submit an online order to the chargeable document delivery service.