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If you want to select more than one value in one Drop-down list press and hold down the STRG-key i.e. the CTRL-key while clicking on your options.

Search terms, Keywords

1. By default, the search engine returns only hits that include all of your search terms

Search for records which contain both "Friede(n)" and "Balkan".

2. For "OR" searches place a slash between terms

Search for records which contain either "Polen" or "Poland" or "Polska".


All Search terms are automatically right and left truncated

Transliteration, Diactritics, Umlauts

All titles in this database are catalogued according to the German transliteration rules (DIN 1460). For searching please strip diacritic signs off the characters. Only Umlauts are to be used ("Böhmen" not "Boehmen").